Get Out In Nature

Free, simple, stress relief is just steps away, literally!

In a funk? Tired? Stressed?

Getting out in nature will:

1. Lower Stress
2. Lower Blood Pressure
3. Increase the Speed of Healing in the Body
4. Boost Your Mood
5. Boost Your Energy
6. Improve Mental Clarity

Getting out in nature, is an immediate mood enhancer.

And while out there, why not go for a walk?

With a target of 10,000 steps per day to maintain good health, it’s pretty easy to accomplish this by taking a walk in nature each day.

I once walked with a pedometer for a week just to see how much I was (or wasn’t) walking. While I’m not one for counting calories or measuring how fast or much I move, I found it very helpful to get an idea of where I was at.

Check out my short video “Get Out In Nature” and you’ll meet my rambunctious dog Wilson too!

With health & aloha,

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