Play Safe in the Sun

School is out here in Hawaii and summer has arrived!  

I want to make sure YOU are set-up for summer fun while keeping yourself and your family:

Safe from the sun’s powerful rays AND
Safe from TOXIN laden sunscreens

What’s wrong with most sunscreens?

Plenty! I was shocked when I first learned that some of the ingredients in the most popular brands on the market contain ingredients that become carcinogens when heated by the sun. I don’t know about you but when I’m in the sun my skin sunscreen slathered skin gets pretty hot!

The products you buy to reduce your chances of getting cancer could actually be causing it!!

As well, many sunscreens contain “Fragrance” or “Parfum” which disrupts your hormones, can cause behavioral issues, reproductive problems and more!

Think those spray on sunscreens are a good option? Nope! They pose a significant inhalation risk.

The good news is there are companies making products that will keep you safe from the sun and are non-toxic!!!

Since we use sunscreen year round here, I’ve tested out a lot of brands. My favorite brand is Elemental Herbs who make a couple of different creams and sticks.

Here’s a list of what to avoid, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group:

▪ No Spray Sunscreens
▪ No Super-High SPFs
▪ No Oxybenzone and Other Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
▪ No Retinyl Palmitate
▪ No Combined Sunscreen/Bug Repellents
▪ No sunscreen towelettes or powders
▪ No Tanning Oils

For all the details on safer sunscreen choices, visit the
The Environmental Working Group’s Sun Safety site.

With health & aloha,

     P.S. A few more sun safety tips

1. Avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10am-3pm

2. Wear a hat, perhaps a chic sunhat? Baseball hat? Whatever you fancy. Have fun!

3. Cover up your skin with clothing. There are LOTS of options now so you can still have fun at the beach or lake and keep more skin undercover.

4. Choose a non-toxic sunscreen!

And here I am a week ago on a staycation celebrating my daughter’s birthday!    

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