What do you want from food?

“Wouldn’t it just be easier if we could pop a pill instead of cook another dinner?” Have you ever thought that? I know I used to often think that way.

While we need food to survive, it serves many more needs.

What do you want food to give you? Have you ever asked yourself that? Looking at food from this angle can create a better relationship between you and food. So often we simply toss the nearest, easiest food in our mouth with little regard for what the food will do for us.

If you really thought about what you want your food to do for you, you may think more carefully about what you’re putting in your mouth.

Take a moment and think about what you want food to give you.

Here are some ideas:
• Nourishment
• Health
• Energy
• Healing
• Comfort
• Pleasure
• Intimacy
• Love

Food is far more dynamic that fuel for our cells. It fills many psychological and physiological needs.

When needs are not being met in other areas of our life, we may increase our use of food to fulfill those unmet needs.

When I became aware of this and began looking at my choices with curiosity, I discovered I reach for a chocolate when my stress levels rose. I cruise through the kitchen and pop a piece of chocolate in my mouth. If there isn’t any chocolate around, I reach for raisins. It has to be something sweet for me. Once I made this connection that something sweet was my de-stresser, it became easier to change my pattern.

When choosing your next snack or meal, think about what you want the food to give you? Posing this question, will help you easily bring more awareness to your food choices and if they are really serving your greater needs.

Share with me here, in the comments below.  What are some of the things YOU want food to give you?

With health & aloha,

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